Patient Testimonials


Thank you notes from patients

Dear All, Just a quick note to say ‘thanks’ to you all for the kindness and patience that you have shown to me. I am learning to live with my new smile! I know I will be back but I wanted to say ‘thanks’ for everything so far.

Amanda Fish

I wanted to write to you to thank you for everything you have done but also for the kind and courteous way you and all the staff treated and looked after me. I am delighted with the results and slightly ‘tongue-in-cheek’ I look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Many Thanks, (much appreciated)

M Thornhill

All, Thank you for taking the time to sort out my broken tooth. It was very much appreciated.

Alexis Cameron

Just to say thank you for caring and for all you are doing to help us

Catherine B & Ian G

For your help and kindness, a big thank you


To Ray, Jolanda, Frederick and Pam,
Thank you for giving me my confidence back.

Julie Lennie

Having a good time – weather humind, but just about bearable! Glad to say all is ok with teeth – thanks for all your help. Hope “bite” is better. Don’t work too hard!

Peter Beck

Dear Jolanda,
You were very encouraging to me right from the beginning and I am really delighted with the end result.
Sincere Thanks,

Catherine Walters

Dear Ray and Jolanda,
Many thanks to both of you for your excellent, professional and caring attitude to both our treatments recently.

David & Cornelia Walters

Many thanks for treating me so quickly, I should have done this a long time ago.

Pam Middleton

In case my dulcet tones unduly alarmed you, I felt it more tactful to write and say thank you for all your tireless efforts.
Kindest thoughts to you and Ray

Ye Olde Donald

Dear Ray and Jolanda,
You did an absolutely wonderful job. Russell is so very much better now his mouth is healthy again and he is thrilled with the comfort and efficiency of his dentures. We are so grateful to you.
Thank you so much,

Maureen Cloud